Visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Well, we’ve got just the thing to make your trip! Try something you haven’t ever tried before. Ever heard of “Venice of America”, well this is it! This is what everyone has been talking about! It is nothing but 165 miles of waterways. We offer you a chance to travel in style! Forget riding tour busses and double-deckers, we present to you the infamous Water Taxi Service; the latest most rapidly growing tourist attraction. Yes, you read that right, Water Taxi. It is something completely new, unique and fun. No more touring mainstream (no pun intended), no more cliché packed tour buses – nope. You can say goodbye to all those when visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and say hello to water taxiing. It is probably a service you haven’t tried before, here in America at the very least. So seize this opportunity we have to offer! Visit our docks to board upon the Water Taxi!

We’ve got the jolliest staff and safest water cab service. What’s more to want, right? It isn’t just a long aimless stroll in 165 miles of waterways, no, not at all! We plan to make this trip, one of the best of your life. We’ll be making stops at bars, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels as well as state parks! This is the one way you have never gone sightseeing before. Sayonara to all those old school extremely tiring sightseeing ways! Sightseeing has never been so smooth flowing (accidental pun). The water will definitely help calm your body and wash away any worries. It is a great way to explore around in Ft. Lauderdale. It is most certainly worth planning a trip for. Don’t forget to check Groupon for any available discounts. It is something that you and your family can enjoy together to the fullest! Plan a visit to Fort Lauderdale the next time you visit Florida, totally worth it!

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